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Reef Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd

Talk is cheap – and promises mean little. What really matters is great service and performance.

There are myriad reasons why we believe we should be your short-term insurance brokerage of choice:

  • Our values: we are honest, loyal, efficient, professional and client-driven. We are passionate about building lasting relationships with our clients – they are our “family”
  • Our staff: our team of broker consultants comprises experienced professionals who are skilled at providing proper advice and appropriate insurance cover
  • Our service: we offer solid advice and craft insurance cover that exactly meets each individual’s needs. We make sure policies are regularly revised, and we don’t waste time when it comes to claims
  • Our efficiency: we take the hassle out of buying insurance, updating cover and managing claims, which means quick turnaround in the event that a claim is submitted
  • The personal touch: there’s no faceless call centre agent here! Each client has an assigned broker consultant, who manages their portfolio and is their point of contact
  • Peace of mind: perhaps more than great insurance and great service, this is what we live for – ensuring that each and every one of our clients has peace of mind

It all boils down to this: insurance is a grudge purchase – until you need to claim. And if your insurance cover is insufficient or incorrect, you could easily have your claim repudiated.

That’s why having a broker – someone you can trust to look out for you at all times – is essential. And that broker is Reef Insurance Brokers.

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